Accessoires camping blanket

Article code: RT 1904-Paracord
Delivery time: 3 - 5 Days
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  • Details
  • The accessories for the camping blankets

    • Scope of delivery: Set of 2 means for 2 corners
    • Choose between accessories with a paracord loop or the new colorful straps
    • Accessories with paracord: flexible, can be shortened
    • Accessories with webbing: colored to match the blankets. Can also be used as a lanyard, for example
    • Green ribbon to match the Wild&free blanket, red ribbon to match the Adventure blanket

    Our blanket consists of two layers: the comfortable upper side and the functional lower side, which are put together with snaps. Our accessories also come with two snaps (the opposite of each) so you can turn your blanket into a shade sail, awning, shower curtain, tarp or more in no time at all.

    It features a flexible and long paracord on one side and a strong ring on the other. For example, you can create a paracord loop to attach your blanket to the base of the awning or to the rear rack.

    Expand flexibility by using magnets or suction cups to attach the blanket directly to your camper. Pot magnets with hooks, eyelets or carabiners are the perfect complement for universal use. Here we recommend this product for example >>> Pot magnet hook 30kg. Our experience has shown that a magnet with an adhesive force of 30kg is very sufficient. You can also protect the magnets from possible scratches on the paintwork with a rubber cap or fleece, but then you should use stronger magnets, as the adhesive force decreases significantly as soon as there is a material in between.


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